Channeled message: OSIRIS?

Please connect me with the Divine Director (D.D)

Greetings dear one it is my pleasure to oblige your request for conversation.

D.D. Please give me and all Humanity an update on the ascension status of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Well once again I say that this is a tall order but I will do my best to provide some insight as to your Worlds status.

Please know that all is going well from a Galactic standpoint/position even though things might seem a bit shaky from your perspective. A quelling of energies is a constant task for those who monitor and control the mitigation efforts. There is an ebb and flow and like the tides continues to change in intensity.

D.D. Why does this drama need to play out regarding politics and government in the U.S.A. and why can’t Truth lead the way?

Everyone has their own truth, everyone has created their own unique reality within the constructs of the whole. It is the experience that is the driver of this bus and boy the road is rocky and quite treacherous for some while others just simply sit back and enjoy the ride. This system has to play out on its own accord thus leaving all exposed to their role/position/agreement. Every incarnate has the ability to choose Light or swim in darkness. That is free choice. What is not part of that choice is the overlay of energies currently operating without sanction upon your world at this time. Hence the ships and crews from almost every galaxy here to monitor and assist in the transition/purge of errant and misplaced energies currently disrupting the flow of Love upon GAIA.

It will not be permanent but it sure can seem that way from a Human perspective.

D.D. Is there anyway for us — Humanity to assist in this purge so that we can move out of this turmoil and begin to heal?

Much of that answer resides in the actions of you and all now and in the future. Coming together and accepting your own Divinity is crucial to this mission. All who recognize and accept the truth of their origin will be the catalyst for the reunification of the parts of the ONE. Returning to Source Light and remembering your role in this game/experience is the Victory that so many are looking/searching/waiting for. My advice to you and all is to continue to expand and participate in Meditation whether alone or with others that focus on Love and acceptance of ONE another without exception.

You are all ONE family, all ONE group that has simply forgotten who you truly are and it is now time to look in the mirror, stare into your own eyes and see what/who is inside. It’s not what you may think but it is your truth.

D.D. Will there be any type of national lockdown here in the U.S. and what can you say about the reliability of our grids for electric generation and transmission?

Your infrastructure is not well-suited for catastrophic events of weather and it is always wise to have back up power of some type or another and plenty of provisions on hand for consumption if things were to fail. But other than that your needs are always met from a Galactic perspective it is only the Human experience that may fall short.

Much of what has the potentials to occur is malleable in someway or another. Yes there are fixed cycles within your Solar/planetary system but much of what is affecting you and all incarnates on Earth is of your own creation. GAIA is inextricably linked to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity so where the mindset goes so does GAIA. So put your mind at ease then do the same if you can for the person next to you. That action of comfort will greatly reduce the errant energies coalescing around your planet and within the ratio great will be the result. As you are aware your Earth and this experience is governed by the Duality Sequence often referred to as the Fibonacci scale and this scale is there to represent how energies are multiplied either for good or not. Each thought stream and words emitted either add or subtract from the whole and as with any expanding ratio things can get crazy quite rapidly or subdued just the same. So the more that are at ease the greater the results thus reducing or mitigating the negative potential’s of catastrophe on GAIA.

Please remember that none of what occurs with regard to transitions of GAIA affect her in anyway, it is only just part of the rebirth and rejuvenation that is constantly happening all in cooperation with Humanity. GAIA is a self cleaning, self healing, self regulating sphere that does not require Human occupation to thrive. The planet exists to promote life and all its many forms and you are but guests. So as with any visit you don’t want to overstay your welcome. That means treat her with the respect and reverence that is deserved and show her Love as well and she will continue to provide a most beautiful place of abundance and excitement for all. GAIA is your partner in this experience so thank her often.

D.D. Is there any message you would like to provide in addition to my inquiry that I will share?

Yes-now is the time for you and all to take a breath, relax and begin to expect great and benevolent things instead of what is portrayed by the media. Control is everywhere so don’t let it be yours. Take each day and be grateful for what is available and more good things will flow in your direction. Continue to envision what you want based in Harmony and Understanding of another. Each is having a separate experience as well as a Collective experience. So when this game is complete many centuries and millennia from now it can be recorded as another Victory of the Light and an experience worth remembering.

Your questions are valid and your inquiry is always welcomed so please continue to connect with me and I will oblige.

Thank You and Farewell



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